The Peninsula -An Iconic hotel in Paris

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Everyone dreams of staying at the one and only Peninsula Paris one of the most iconic hotels in Paris, overlooking the Eiffel Tower , on Avenue Kléber , just a few minutes away from the Arc de Triomphe!

It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe, located in the most historic quarter of Paris, a 19th century Haussmanian building that hosted various important events during Europe’s history.  The Peninsula Paris, formerly known as the Hotel Majestic, opened its doors to the public in 1908 as a hotel and in 1937 became a governmental conference center.  In the mid- 20th century, it became the Nazi headquarters in Paris, during the city’s occupation in the World War II. Later on, during the early 70s, all discussions on the Vietnam War peace treaty were held there.

Numerous significant personalities have stayed there such as George Gershwin, Pablo Picasso, James Joyce and Marcel Proust. It has been said that Gershwin finished his famous  “An American in Paris” whilst staying there.

A couple of years ago, the Peninsula reinvented itself with a super makeover that cost over than half billion dollars! The result was astonishing, 200 rooms and 34 suites where contemporary luxury meets the latest technology!

Staying in one of the rooms or suites at the Peninsula gives a full understanding of true Parisian living!  All suites are equipped with cutting-edge features and the room service is legendary with a choice of drinks and delectable dishes, right from the fully-customized interactive digital control tablet.  Parisian glamour, high ceilings, eclectic furniture and fine French craftsmanship result a unique luxurious environment.

As far the restaurants are concerned the Peninsula Paris is a true gastronomic paradise with six restaurants. Each and every one,  a  homage to Gastronomy!  One of the most notorious restaurants in the city, Lily Restaurant is located within its premises offering exceptional Cantonese cuisine, aiming to please all residents but more particularly the Asians that seem to be the main target group of the hotel.  Apart from that, there is a wide selection for any taste, L’ Oiseau Blanc on the rooftop of the hotel, with a stunning view over Paris! L’ Oiseau Blanc serves the typical French specialties with only the best seasonal ingredients, usually picked by the head chef himself from the local market.

There is also The Lobby a more international restaurant where one can enjoy  delicious brunch or high tea or even a regular lunch or dinner of a more smart casual character. La Terrasse Kléber is also an option for those who desire to sit on the terrace right in front of the hotel enjoying international specialties.  A bar, a cigar lounge and the exceptional in-room service are also great option for those who wish the maximum of comfort and hospitality!

Since its last renovation a high quality spa and wellness center was created within the hotel. The fitness center, an indoor pool and the Peninsula Spa are there to provide the maximum of luxury!  The eastern decorative elements along with the wooden and marble details help the visitor to find harmony and live an ultimate relaxation experience.

Overall, the Peninsula Paris is definitely one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe.  It is no wonder that it is considered to be one of the few “Palace hotels” in the French capital . It combines luxury, elegance , glamour , comfort  ,high technology & impeccable service thus exceeding all of its customer’s expectations.

With gratitude, T.

Suvretta House -family getaway

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What better an idea than spending the holidays with your family! Especially, in an environment ideal for the whole family like the Suvretta House in St Moritz, Switzerland.

The Suvretta House is a historic hotel , established in the 1910s.  Since then, this 5-star residence offers unique hospitality to all those who decide to spend some time within its premises.

The Suvretta House is located in the Upper Engadine and is nestled in an alpine, majestic location no more than 2 Km from St Moritz. It is surrounded by the mountain peaks of the Alps and is  near the famous lake of St Moritz. At first glance, it looks like a fairy-tale castle in the middle of nowhere but the truth is that you can have an extraordinary experience while staying there whether it is winter or summer.

Since its inauguration, in 1912, and throughout the years  the hotel became established not only for its ideal location but due to the luxurious services that were provided. It is also well known  for the celebrities that have visited its premises such as the Crown Prince Akihito, the Shaq of Persia, Evita Peron and many others.

A family getaway

Whoever has visited The Suvretta House can confirm that it is ideal for a family getaway. Children aged 3  and older are very welcome since there are numerous activities especially designed for themWell trained multilingual kindergarten teachers are appointed to take care of the little ones while they play in the hotel’s winter garden or outdoor playground in front of the hotel. The kids are encouraged to interact with each other not only by playing but also while engaging in arts and crafts always guided by well trained professionals. Fun games and other exciting activities await the little ones on a daily basis.

One of the most important activities during the winter holidays is of course, skiing! Therefore, children are encouraged to learn to ski by very well trained professionals provided by the  Suvretta Children’s Ski School!  All youngsters are invited to enter the magic of winter sports at the private children’s ski slope, right above the hotel! There, they can learn how to ski with a game-aided learning system, on a slightly inclined slope designed especially for them! A significant factor being that they are able to make new friends and have loads of fun in a safe environment.

Last but not least, while being in the fresh air all day, learning how to ski and playing outdoors the sure thing is that they will build an appetite, and what better an idea than the Teddy club! A restaurant exclusive for children! Where the little ones can enjoy their favorite dishes along with some traditional local dishes named after the favorite characters! Burgers, chicken fillets, pasta and pizza are just some examples of what the kids can eat! Not to mention Teddy’s sweet corner with delicious treats such as chocolate cake with smarties, sweet puffs, ice cream corner and the one and only chocolate fountain (available for 4 children or more!)

What a better combination of activities and services for a family holiday getaway than this one, right?

The Suvretta House is all about the hospitality! Majestic location, luxurious services, fine-dining ,candle lit restaurants and rustic swiss restaurant logdes . A great all around place for families,  comforting and informal yet surely a 5-star experience!

With gratitude, T.

Chiltern Firehouse: Andre Balazs luxury hotel and restaurant in London


What if I were to tell you that one of the first and oldest fire stations in the British capital is, as we speak one of the luxurious hotels in town? I am talking about the Chiltern Firehouse Hotel, a five star residence located in the chic neighborhood of Marylebone, in London.  I am sure that Robert Pearsall, the architect of the original fire station building, built back in 1889, did not expect that his creation would become one of the most bespoke hotels in the world.

But let’s find out a bit more about the Chiltern Firehouse Hotel.  Six years ago, in 2011, André Balazs, a famous American hotelier, bought the historic Firehouse building and along with the developer Harry Handelsman and Google’s Eric Schmidt.  A very competent team of architects, Archer Humphryes Architects renovated the existing building and also built a brand new wing using the very same architectural design with Victorian crenellations and arches, using the same red bricks. They also developed the latest technology of heating and cooling practices, digging two stories underground.

The whole restoration project lasted for almost 3 years and in 2013, the exclusive Chiltern Firehouse Hotel opened its doors and presented 26 suites and a 200 seat restaurant.

The philosophy of both André Balazs  and the constructors ( architects and designer) was not to pack in as many rooms as possible but to  create a boutique hotel, an exclusive luxurious getaway where all rooms would be both comfortable and unique. All twenty six rooms/suites have a homey atmosphere. The Victorian style of the exterior complements the interior design with custom made mahogany furniture, fine furnishings and luxurious bed linen. All rooms are equipped with British style- fireplaces in an attempt to create an intimate space.  All bathrooms are spacious and decorated with elegant handmade glazed tiles and white and grey marble.  Each bathroom boasts high rise windows, a freestanding pewter bathtub, shower , double marble console and heated floors thus offering its’ guests maximum luxury.

An interesting fact is that before the hotels’ opening, the owner André Balazs decided to sleep in each and every room in order to experience the feeling of each individual room stating “I need to know what every room feels like.”  As it is stated in the hotel’s website “every guest is looked after by a personal concierge, providing unsurpassed levels of thoughtful and authentic service more evocative of a private house than a hotel”.

Many seem to think that the Chiltern Firehouse is just a restaurant and are unaware that it is also a hotel due to the fact that so many celebrities are fans of its famous Michelin star awarded restaurant Nuno Mendes. Numerous celebrities such as Cara Delevigne, David Beckam, even the prior Prime Minister Cameron and Bill Clinton have been spotted wining & dining there.

The Chiltern Firehouse Hotel is considered to be one of the top boutique hotels in London, not only because of the high end  luxury that it offers its guest but also because of its fashionable design, Victorian deco elements and mostly because it has become a celebrity hot spot!

With Gratitude, T